mileworks engineering has created a holistic solution
for zero-emission downtown mobility.

In the Beginning,
There Was a Vision

Now we are proud to say that we are ever striving
to daily accomplish our mission and make the mileworks vision reality.

• mileworks provides “zero emission” technology in the mobility sector and the required structures to implement them.

• We support individuials, communities, businesses and governments reach their stated goals in ecology conscience commuting and transportation.

• Continually develop new technology to safely lower greenhouse gasses in the transportation sector.

• Increase the number of environmentally friendly vehicles without increasing the overall number of vehicles.

• Significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership over traditionally powered vehicles for customers inturn increasing the value of mileworks systems.

We provide solutions
to make life comfortable

Our strategic partnership with the FCA Group ensures our
innovative drive technology is coupled with conventional car design

The mileworks H2eDrive combines an electric drive with a range extender, which is powered with hydrogen as fuel. While the vehicles standard drive train must be re-engineered, the H2eDrive can be integrated into exhisting vehicles.

H2eDrive vehicles are zero emission and run on compressed hydrogen fed into a range extender that produces electricity to power the vehicle.

A hydrogen fuel tank electric vehicle is powered by H2eRangeExtenders that constantly recharge the electric car's battery - producing power as long as fuel (in this case, Hydrogen) is available, similar to a combustion engine.

The electricity generated thus powers the electric motor that propels the vehicle. The H2eDrive combination results in zero emission of harmful carbon dioxide.

Our Strategic Partnerships
Built on Success and Mutual Respect