mileworks is an initiator and leading developer promoting innovative, emission-free hydrogen-based propulsion technologies for transportation.

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We create
new hydrogen-based
propulsion technology

in the mobility sector and the required structures to implement them.

• The mileworks engineering is a pioneer, active in the field of zero emission mobility, outfitting new and used automobiles with their advanced emission-free drivetrains.

• We support individuials, communities, businesses and governments reach their stated goals in ecology conscience commuting and transportation.

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Proven Concept

mileworks engineering has found a working solution for the ecology concience commuter. Their drivetrain combines an electric drive with a H2 range extender.

Zero Emission Mobility!

Proven Market

Fleet Operators – Commercial Taxis, Community Services, Transport Logistics, etc... The objective is to fit them with zero emission vehicles without their having to make major investments in gas/charging infrastructure.

Proven Technology

The 2011 test of the mileworks concept with taxi cabs in London was a success. Each of the 6 zero emission taxis provided guests with over 30,000 km of comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly transportation.


For more then two decades, our management has worked to improve society.

We are members of the Federal Association for Electric Mobility (des Bundesverband Elektromobilität) and the Federal Association Smart City (des Bundesverband Smart City) in Germany. Their work includes promoting legislature at national and EU levels.

Furthermore, our management is involved in the transport issues surrounding BITKOM, the National IT Summit, logistics providers and in the bodies to Intelligent Traffic Systems and Intelligent Mobility.

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